It may seem like I have been part of the Material Team for quite some time now (based on the amount of nagging that I do about POs it might feel like forever!!) but in my 8 months so far we have had people come and go and a chance to all get together for two All Agency Meetings. This has meant that we have had some inspiring chat from quite a few of our amazing colleagues. A couple of thoughts that have stuck with me however are back at my first All Agency in April, a point that Jenny brought up….Marketing is not taught in schools so how did we all decide that this is what we wanted to do and when Andrew Sinclair said that when people asked him what he did for a living he simply said “I work at MATERIAL” because you can’t really describe to people what it is that we do here.

What do we do at Material??  – “We specialise in building creative brand experiences in the experiential, media, creative and digital spaces across music, art, sports and design.”   Well that’s the official version but what we do seems completely unique. We go above and beyond for clients, we produce amazing events and branding and we have fun together whilst doing it.

So how did we end up in this amazing company that is Material?  Did we all set out to be Materialites?

Well I had amazing aspirations back in my pre-teen days to be a Tennent’s girl (don’t judge me!!) but then my parents decided that they wanted me to be a doctor and if there was anything that I wasnt going to be it was what my parents wanted me to be – so I decided at the ridiculous age of 14 that I was going to be an accountant and there was nothing that anybody was going to say that was going to change my mind. And that’s what I did.

I served my time as a junior and worked my way up in an accountancy practice. But in the end it came down to a bit of luck and getting to meet Sera, Spence and Simon whilst doing the boring bit that brought me to Material…

Not one moment of my working day at Material is that of a typical accountant however, I get to talk to a huge variety of people, come to work in a bizarrely colourful office, we get to go to gigs, I have been allowed to go on site and see behind the scenes of the madness that is TITP Production and I get to laugh and be part of an awesome team of people.

So what did the rest of this crazy bunch want to do when they grew up? Did they all know where they would end up and that they could tell people “I work at MATERIAL”

I asked the gang  “when you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?”

Here are some of our answers:

Production Freelancer Kes: What I wanted to be….maybe it would be easier to list what I didn’t want to be; I was forever changing my mind. I always wanted to be an inventor when I was little, I read lots of books about Edison, Da Vinci, Einstein and people like that. But, as I got older…like in my teens, I played a lot (A LOT) of football. I was a goalkeeper, and was pretty convinced that was going to be my career…but I never reached the 6ft mark. I also used to train with a guy called Joe Hart who was better than me, so I kinda gave that dream up…he did ok in the end! X

Account Manager Mark – When I was young, randomly I wanted to be an architect!

Senior Researcher Emma Reid :   I wanted to work in PR!  I’m not really a million miles away from that now!

Production Manager Dan – At the age of 8, I had big plans. I was simultaneously going to be a spaceman, a cowboy, the guitarist for guns n roses and a builder just like me dad..

Fabulously Fantastic Intern Colette: I always wanted to be a doctor because I loved the idea of having my own desk (exciting) and stethoscope, also obviously a member of S Club 7 on the side  and a vet even though I was terrified of all animals!

Talent & Culture Manager Danni: My mum has a lot of pleasure in re-telling the story of my one time only thought that I wanted to be a stand-up comedian. Me even uttering those words probably got more laughs than I would ever have got on the stage.

Account Manager Hayley: I wanted to be Air Hostess Barbie, and would say only 3 things ‘Please fasten your seatbelts’, Would you like more coffee’, ‘Enjoy your flight’!…..eGlad I broadened my horizons as I got older

Account Manager Hannah – Always wanted to be a school teacher like her mum

Managing Director Gillian – (Obviously) wanted to be an Oscar winning actress

Senior Graphic Designer Paul – A dinosaur

Senior Researcher Nadine:! I wanted to be my Mum, a writer and a Spice Girl. I like to think today, I am all of these things!!

Account Manager Katie  – Wanted to be a doctor (I’m thinking this is a Baptie theme?)

Client Services Manager Natalie –Wanted to be a press officer but after her weekend at Rugby Aid now wants to be Mrs Thom Evans

Graphic Designer Elliot – I wanted to be either a pro skateboarder or play for the national Italian football team! (He’s not even Italian….)

Graphic Designer Emma – .I wanted to be a vet or an artist when I was wee!

Finance Assistant Jane – When I was younger I wanted to be a lawyer, then I realised there were lots of different types and most of them weren’t all that exciting.  Failing that my other dream career was to be the head physio for the Scotland Rugby team, which I guess I haven’t fully given up on. I never wanted to be an accountant/anything to do with finance. My mum said that was the kind of career I would suit for many years but I was adamant I would prove her wrong… and here I am

Production Assistant Gemma – From about the age of 6 I wanted to be a performer – my favourite thing being musicals as I got to sing, dance and act. My first job (at age 8) was in a professional show. Since then I have been in 6 professional shows and on TV a couple of times which gave me the idea that I could make a living out of this. My mum told me she would support me in this if I promised to get a degree first and I ended falling into something I loved but I still sing and dance on daily basis (just in the privacy of my own home) Who knows, maybe 2016 will be my triumphant return to Am Dram?


We are an eclectic bunch but that is what I think makes this TEAM MATERIAL so unique.


Here’s a wee quiz to show what we might have been….I should have been an astronaut apparently???




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