5 words, 5 pictures…

5 words, 5 pictures…

As I near the end of my second internship at Material UK, I decided to sum up this year’s, in true Buzzfeed style, in 5 words and 5 pictures.

Fun – This internship is fun in itself – working in a cool office with fun people on exciting projects, motivation comes pretty easily.

Ferris Wheel

Challenging – It’s a fun job but it’s challenging – whether it’s trying to keep up to speed with everything on little to no sleep  or losing my desk underneath all the newspaper cuttings, I’m forever in awe of everyone else who can stay awake for 72 hours working on massive projects whilst nailing it all the way.

T Car

Fulfilling – Although my internship has been challenging, it’s massively fulfilling when things come to an end, such as a major music festival everyone has been working towards, a presentation you’ve contributed to, it’s always rewarding to see the end product.



Inspiring – Material are all about inspiration, whether it’s inspiring each other or clients, and it is a constant theme of working in the office; if it’s Nadine’s inspiring Instagram shots (and her enthusiasm), Claire S’ press release word puns or our CEO Sera managing to write a thesis while running a business and looking after small children – inspiration’s everywhere.

Collaborative – Again, just as inspiration is a Material theme, so is teamwork and collaboration – everybody works with each other to ensure the job gets done and we have fun on the way, even if it is just Game of Thrones theories we’re working on.

Team T

Thanks for having me (again – I know Katie is desperate to get rid of me) and stay excellent!

Lil Baptex x

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