The last few months in Material have been pretty interesting for me!

Material_Works Creative Director Lynn went on maternity leave at the end of February. She had a wee boy named Isaac on March 26th (yay!) and is over the moon with him by the way!

Anyway, being the Senior Designer and second longest serving Materialite in the Works team I was next in line to lead. The idea of ‘leading’ the team at first had me both excited and nervous! Excited at the challenge and nervous that I may not do well.

I put the word leading in inverted commas as I’m not really sure if that is the right way to describe my role. The Works team are a tight knit bunch and it’s hard to think of yourself as anything other than a team member… which is a good thing in my eyes!

However, below are some of my musings about ‘leading’ and what I feel I have learned during this time.

Know your limits
There’s no point in promising something you may not achieve or not ask for help when you think you need it. Be truthful to yourself and others and it can make all the difference!

Write lists
This may just be me, but writing a to do list makes me feel much more in control of things. Even if you are very busy, taking the time to plan out your workload can be a really helpful.

Plus, if you are as OCD as I am you can even accompany your list with little progress boxes to tick as you go along. Giving yourself a warm and fuzzy feeling inside each time you do!

list pic

Coffee is good… Real good!

This has been my key takeaway from the past few months. If you are working in a group environment everything is about teamwork! If there are times when you are feeling the pressure you can always rely on those around you to help. Be it with your workload or just a bit of chat to make you smile, sometimes it’s the littlest things that can make a difference.

So to wrap up, I have a wee quote I like from one of the greatest leaders ever. The main man, Tony Soprano! I hope you like it too!

tony soprano

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